Wednesday, January 6, 2010

'Turkeys' in Germany

Just a quick update to say that everything is going well here in Altenberg, Germany. I arrived Sunday night after a 9-hour drive from Ruhpolding through holiday traffic and a raging snow storm (apparently the drive is supposed to take about six). I was here at the IBU Cup last year so it's fun being back at the same hotel and venue. Snow has been a little thin but the organizers are doing a commendable job getting the courses ready for the racing this week.

Tomorrow is our first of three races. We'll be racing just amongst the American athletes in a 10 km team time trial and then this weekend we'll be mixed in with a very large field. As of now there are 166 entries for Saturday's race so the course and range will be busy. I'm excited to race after nearly a two week break since the races in Minnesota.
Unfortunately the battery charger for my camera decided to die on me so I'm up a creek until I can find some batteries. I did manage to get one picture from a friend taken on the border of Germany and the Czech Republic yesterday. Check out the sweet pants! Usually our team apparel is navy blue but for reasons yet unknown we are sporting turquoise this year - or 'turkeys' as our German staff usually says. The whole incident has made for some great ribbing. Not that we don't like the gear, but it's just funny to be running around looking like we're from some far-flung eastern European country. Much as the 'new' color is a refreshing addition to our navy gear we've already been told to soak it up this year because we'll be back to blue next season.
That's all for now, but please check back in the days to come. In the mean-time I'll be racing and looking for some batteries...


Quincy said...

Congrats on the smooth shooting and 2nd place, Z! Keep it up!


Anonymous said...

Wow Zach I'm impressed. Jason just told me that you are competing for a spot in the Olympics in Altenberg this weekend. How exciting! I would have come to watch you but its my moms birthday tomorrow.
In case you have planned to stay in Germany for a few more days afterwards you are welcome to come and visit me in Witten.
Best wishes and good luck tomorrow!


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Just wanted to say HI! Hope you are doing well!.
Call when you can~

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