Friday, July 3, 2009

Summer Training

The training season has been progressing really well so far. I'm always amazed at how quickly the weeks pass when the days are filled from top to bottom with training. I'm typically up with the sun and it seems as though it's time for bed way before it should be.

Shooting on our computer-operated SCATT machine

Spring training was effective and went smoothly. We lucked out with weather here in Lake Placid. Typically the spring can be wet and unpleasant, but we floated through relatively unscathed. I did a lot of focused technique work early in the season and was happy to see that both my technique and shooting scores were improved compared with the same period last year. While I spent the majority of my spring in Lake Placid, I did get away for a weekend to Boston for the Dartmouth Wearers of the Green, a banquet that honors current and former Dartmouth athletes for their achievements. It was great to reconnect with some of my Dartmouth teammates - all very accomplished athletes and one of whom has run a sub 4 minute mile. I think Mikey ran a sub 6:30 once. He had a tail wind though... ;)

(L2R)Glenn Randall, me, Ben True(the Gazelle), Mikey Sinnot, & Patty O'Brien

After a solid spring we transitioned right into the June National Team camp. Most of the team was in Lake Placid for three weeks and the coaches and staff all made the trek from their respective homes in Germany, Italy, Sweden, Maine, etc. Compared to the two prior June camps, the focus was more on distance training and less on high intensity sessions. We certainly did our fair share of intensity, but it was easier to manage. I was excited to have the opportunity to work with the 'A' Team coaches during that period. Getting their feedback is always extremely beneficial. During the camp we had a couple of time trials, one a 10K and the other a relay, that went well for me. I skied and shot well, which reinforced that I'm doing good training. Check out the video below from one of the TT's.

The month of July was similarly good for training. I was able to put in lots of hours and kept the quality high. My goal going into the season was to increase the number of hours trained from last year and continue to focus on making each session count. Thanks to the generosity of all of my sponsors (please check out their websites on the right side of this page) I've been able to train more effectively and recover better than ever before. My goal of making the World Cup Team and qualifying for the Olympic Team would not be possible without the generosity of all those who have and do currently support me.

This weekend I'll be traveling to Burlington, VT for the North American Rollerski Championships, two races that will factor into team naming for the December World Cup team. I'm excited to test my training against some of the best biathletes in the country. Check back next week for an update on the competitions.

In other news, I'm heading home to Alaska next week to spend three weeks with my family and training in the mountains around Anchorage. The last time I was home was nearly a year ago so I can hardly wait. Aside from missing my family and friends in AK I have a nearly brand new nephew that I haven't yet met. Not to brag or anything, but check out my niece and two nephews...

Stephanie, Matthew, & Aaron Jr.

In still other news, for those of you who speak German, I now have a German Wikipedia site set up by an unknown fan. If you have any interest on practicing your German feel free to click the following link - .

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