Sunday, August 3, 2008

Quick update

Hello everybody. I haven't had time to download my pictures from the last week and a half so unfortunately I don't have any visual updates for you. Training and shooting has been going very well the last two weeks. I had an easier week of training last week and spent much of my down time in the shop at the Training Center making some much needed modifications to my rifle stock. It's still getting its final coats of paint so I don't have finished pictures of that yet, but I'll get some before and after shots up as soon as the last coat of paint sets up.

This past week was pretty tough. I had five days of intensity training, including two time trials and a couple of very hard interval workouts. I felt great throughout the week, but was most definitely ready for an off day today. I traveled to Jericho, VT on Wednesday after training for a week and a half long training camp. Nearly 40 athletes are here from all over the country to train on the rollerskiing trails built on the Ethan Allen Military Base. It's a great opportunity for coaches and athletes alike to work together and share ideas. We also have two biathlon races planned for the coming week and a rollerski race so there will be ample opportunity to see how our training is progressing and figure out what needs further tweaking in preparation for the coming race season. Jericho is always a grab bag for hot and wet weather and so far we've seen lots of both. We're hoping for somewhat normal days for racing, but it's not good to count on that happening here. I guess we'll see...


Brenton & Kelly Benware said...

Zach, hope you're doing well! We hope you'll be able to visit our new home in NC. You'll love the mountain, though it seems you've already been able to enjoy them this year.

Sean said...

thanks for the double pole demo, I always like to see how others do it.